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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Snake!

Yesterday Sacha went to the beach with some friends she has met here and they saw a Brown Snake, one of the most poisonous in the world. They moved away from the area where they saw it and then a man came and killed it with a long stick. Apparently, most people who get snake bite receive it while trying to kill the snake. I think the best advice is to run and don't stop until you are home. It was over a yard long and still quite frightening when we saw it in the evening. I have heard that they are protected and that you shouldn't kill them but I suppose the guy thought that since it was at the beach where there were children playing it was better to get rid of it.

On a more pleasant note, here is a Lorikeet in a tree just off the deck. There are noisy crowds of them everywhere here.


Quilt Pixie said...

while alive the snake might be fairly frightening I hear they're great BBQ'd :-)

meggie said...

I have never met a brown snake. Don't want to.
The Lorikeets are very noisy aren't they?? but one forgives the noise for the sight of their rainbow plumage!

Libby said...

*yikes* Snakes are just more than I could bear . . . I like the idea of getting out of Dodge best *s*