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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fabrics, Fabrics

My friend needed curtain fabric so I agreed to go to a fabric store to help her choose some. Big mistake as I well knew.  They must have just re-stocked their $3.99 sale shelves because there were many interesting fabrics there yesterday. These ones came home with me. I particularly like the three batiks and of course I can never leave dots on the shelf. The white has small embossed roses so is more interesting than it looks in the photo. Now I have a LOT of new fabric to use but I'm going away for most of the winter.  Oh well, there will be lots of inspiration when I get back.


Brenda said...

looks like you were at Marshall's. I've been eyeing those dots, and I bought some of that white on white to dye. where are you going? Australia?

Michele Bilyeu said...

Lovely fabrics and a lovely thought to head towards the sun, instead of away from it during winter time. I hope it is Australia as we would love hearing all about it!

sparkle jars said...

I hope that wherever you go, you find warm sun.