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Friday, October 12, 2012

More Blocks

I made some more blocks with different purples. The question is , should I mix the purples in each block or have three different purple squares with all four sides the same...I'll make some more before I decide.  The middle one is sewn together so it may stay that way. The seams are on the diagonal so ripping it apart would probably stretch it all out of shape.


Judith said...

Hello Joyce, Long time no speak . Did you think I had fallen off the side of the earth? I am still here but no longer in Crete, we had to return to England and we are only getting back to normallity now. Your new blocks look goods going to be another lovely quilt. Keep up the good work.

Nina Marie said...

wow nice use of an orange line!! these blocks are so interesting!and I love the purple too. Did you know I've been hosting Off the Wall Fridays? We're linking up creative posts if you care to join us!