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Monday, April 15, 2013

This morning I woke up to more snow, unusual for the middle of April.  When it hadn't slackened off by afternoon I decided to face the elements and go to the studio.  The problem was, I had a path (very narrow) packed with my snowshoes, but it was completely hidden under a new layer of snow. I knew approximately where it was but every time I stepped off it, I was knee deep or more in wet snow. It took awhile but I finally made it and spent a couple of hours working on my latest quilt.

I have to sew in two more white horizontal strips and then finish assembling it.  The one in the magazine has a second border but I'm not sure I'll add that. It's already quite large, about 56x80. I also realized after it was mostly assembled that the magazine one has a white horizontal line between the large rectangle and the smaller square. Oh well, I never was very good at following instructions.  That must be why I enjoy random piecing so much.  When this one is done I'm thinking of starting another I Spy quilt which will be a relief after the precision (?) of this one.

I took this video out the back door. It's not often that you see it melting and snowing at the same time. The snow is winning so far...


Brenda said...

it finally stopped snowing here. can you get out of your driveway?

Mary-Frances said...

I'm glad you were able to get to your studio today, nothing like working a project to make you forget (for a while) that it is still winter outside!! :-)