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Friday, December 07, 2007

Simple Sewing

Simple Sewing with a French Twist

Here is another one of those books that is detailed enough for a beginner and inspiring enough for the more experienced seamstress. As is usual, there is a section called Getting Started that discusses basic materials and techniques. The difference in this book is the wonderful photography used to illustrate the text. It is also surprisingly detailed with nearly 30 pages dealing with hems, seams and corners among other techniques.

The more than fifty projects are divided into groups starting with First Steps. Each group has a series of photographs illustrating the projects followed by a section of detailed instructions with hand drawn diagrams. As you would assume, these first patterns are all quite simple starting with a simple tote bag for shoes. I am tempted by both the Rive Gauche Carryall (more bags???) and the French Wool Beret.

There are projects for the home ranging from the kitchen to the bathroom to the patio. How about His and Hers Laundry bags? Or a duvet cover? Too bad I already made mine. The Wardrobe Concierge (AKA Garment Bag) looks useful for the closet. I love the Garden Artist’s Apron, which would be just as appealing for the kitchen or art studio.

The last part of the book is a Fabric guide for each section. The Fabrics and trims are listed along with their manufacturers and the name of each particular fabric. She discusses the reasons for her choices, which would be helpful if you want to use different fabrics but keep the same look. Finally, there are patterns that can be enlarged to make the projects that require a pattern.

Each section is printed on different colored pages to make it easier to find a particular project. This book is appealing for the photography as much as the patterns. With over 250 pages you will never run out of wonderful items to sew. I know I will be referring to it again and again.


Libby said...

Sounds like a great book . . . good photography is always such a help for me - I'm much more visual when I learn.

Carol E. said...

Ditto what Libby said. I frequently skip over the written word and look for photos... if none, I punt. I love the cover photo you show. If the inside photos are like that, it's a book I think I could love.

Clare said...

Is this the French one you were on about or a different one? I like the idea of the apron. Mum has been nagging me for ages to make her a garden apron that doesn't mind getting dirty!

Judy said...

I do love your book reviews. When I leave your blog I go directly to Amazon, and THEN to the bank to float a loan!! LOL


atet said...

Oooh -- I've been eyeing this one. I think it may be going on my Christmas list from hubby!