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Friday, May 01, 2009

Next Lesson

This lesson was on how to take a photo and break it down into parts so you can fuse it with fabric. The pear is the pattern that was in the book. It's not as easy as I thought it would be. Trying to get the pieces right side up was quite a challenge. Not to mention getting the right fabric colors. The one in the book was done in greens but I thought I'd try it in yellows.

For my original one I chose a photo I took of a lily I was given at Easter. I have just started on this one. I'll do some shading with either paintsticks or pencils. I'll do a couple of practise ones on the photocopy before I start on the real one. The stamens will be made much finer with either hand embroidery or couching if I can find the right color of yarn or string. I'll use some kind of bead at the end of each stamen but not the ones I have in the picture. I want the leaves to fade into the background so I'll just quilt them in. If I can get the shading right it should show the curl of the leaves. I'll probably try to enhance that effect with the quilting.
This one will be a real learning experience. I have never tried re-creating a photo this way and the shading on fabric will be something new too.


Janet said...

Beautifully done. Thank you for stimulating our creativity. The color choices and shading is perfect. Have fun.

LC said...

This is very pretty. The background shows quite dark on my monitor. It is a bit lighter when I double-click so assume this is a cyber-distortion.

Nice fabric on those petals!

em's scrapbag said...

I look forward to watching you learn and progress. Looks great so far.

Lynn said...

I'd say you re doing a very good job of it. Want to see some awesome quilts done in this style?
Seek our Melissa Bula . Awesome work.

jovaliquilts said...

These are looking great. I love the fabrics in the pear.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Great job. I especially like the pear and I like it in yellow too.
Are you using one of your new books for these lessons?

Libby Fife said...

Off to a good start. Our buddy Barbara is really skilled with this fabric shading technique. It takes some work doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

hey mum,
those look cooool! the pear is perfect. although i also looked at it and thought it looked a bit like the pear in our fruit bowl that has been there so long it's got a rotten brown spot on it, but that is more my slovenly housekeeping than the shading! Lol. but it looks really great, my computer speed is so slow and i watched it slowly down load and was like WOW!
the lily is coming along really nicely too... can you do faces? can you do me? lol
greg should be here this week wednesday... i'll let ya know!

Lynda said...

The pear is wonderful! You did a great job there!

meggie said...

What a fantastic learning experience this must be! I need to do something like this, to spark my creative urge.

katherine Colby said...

Hi Carm's Mum,
Greg, happended to mention to me that you were an avid quilter when he was visiting me down in Oz. Wollongong to be precise. So i contacted Carm and got your site details. Lovely work. Oh and i have added you to my favorites. So i can stop by and check out what you have been upto. Keep up the blogging.
kath Australia. :)

MYRA said...

Both are looking great there Joyce! Wonderful! 8-)