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Monday, July 12, 2010

Pressure Cooker

I got a pressure cooker a couple of weeks ago and am learning how to use it. The picture above is a beef short rib stew. Normally, that would have to simmer for two or three hours but it was done from freezer to table in about an hour using the pressure cooker. It would have been done faster if I had closed the lid properly at first.
I am thinning out the beets in my garden. I dearly love beet greens lightly steamed.

This is my new pressure cooker. It is an 8 quart Fagor . I got it at Amazon .


Myra said...

From freezer to the table about an hour!?!?!!!! Wow!

Looks very yummy Joyce! 8-)

I may have to look up info about pressure cookers! I've never used one, or even know of anyone that has, except for you now!! 8-)

Have a good day!

quiltmom said...

beet greens are delicious - especially with some vinegar and salt and pepper. They are a staple on my parents summer table.
I love the beet part too.

I have not used a pressure cooker- have fun cooking..

elle pee said...

I'm in the process of writing and adapting recipes for the pressure cooker. I am posting about a new recipe per month. Right now I have 20-minute tomato lentils and 7-minute risotto. Next month, I will be posting a cold veal roast recipe (though I see that yours is pretty fantastic!) and after that a creme caramel recipe! I'm open to suggestions/requests for October as I don't know what I might do then.


Anonymous said...
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Sandra Henderson said...

My granny always used a pressure cooker in the same manner as you are. I remember running and she'd say don't run, it's gonna blow up! lol
Well, now I know that was to make us stop running through the house. lol
I'd love to get one. I really should. Well, that is the most delicious looking meal I've seen. How healthy! you cook the healthiest meals and so homey and GOOD! I love beet greens! :)

katelnorth said...

beet greens - mmm. Also love the root part, especially roasted in the oven :) yummy.

Meggie said...

We have not been utilising the wonderful beet greens. We just seem to use the beets on the root ends, but I will have to research the uses!