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Friday, July 02, 2010

Canda Day

For Canada Day I made Chinese food using the Sun Lee Cookbook. I now have a new respect for Chinese restaurant cooks! Timing is everything. I had to make lists and notes. Lots of chopping ahead of time and lots of last minute stir-frying. Good thing I had a some help. My favorite was probably the lemon chicken or maybe the Peking Duck.
In the picture above, Peking Duck with scallion pancakes
Lemon Chicken, Spicy Bean Curd, Cold Sesame Noodles, Bean Curd Salad, Ribs Wuxi Style, Orange Beef, Broccoli with Garlic Sauce and Rice. Oops, the rice wasn't on the table yet.

Our eldest granddaughter (far left) just got home from Halifax and was able to be here for July 1st. These are four sisters. Aren't they fabulous!


Ali Honey said...

They look delightful. Lucky you having them all!

Darcie said...

They are...truly fabulous! Love the smiles!

Happy belated Canada Day!

Myra said...

Mmmmmm... All looking delicious there Joyce! Lemon Chicken is one of my favorites!!!
Beautiful granddaughters! You are well blessed! 8-)

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Anonymous said...

Second granddaughter from left should have followed the example of the fourth granddaughter, white socks will either get ruined from grass stains or dirt and should have been removed (hope she had shoes nearby). I liked the kind of the third granddaughter, LOL.