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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Elkhorn Resort Mini Vacation

I went to Elkhorn Resort at Riding Mountain National Park for a few days with my family. This is a picture of the part of the crew that went for a hike. We also had a spa/massage afternoon and did a lot of eating. We stayed in fully equipped cabins so were able to do our own cooking. It was a beautiful time.

On  the way home we made a slight detour to stop at the quilt store in Plumas. They have such interesting fabrics including a package of Beatles fat quarters and lots of Australian fabrics. I was hard put to get only two of those. I also couldn't resist the word fabric but have no idea how I'll ever use it. A close runner up was a piece of jelly bean fabric.


Clare said...

Glad you had a great time.

DD would love those Beatles fabrics and I love the Blah one.

Magpie Sue said...

Sounds like a lovely retreat, even if it does look cold!

I've been on kind of a fabric buying binge lately. It's the Dr. Seuss prints that get me. No clue how I'll use them but I just love the bright colors and his whimsical creations.

Brenda said...

lucky you! I haven't been to either Elkhorn or Kick-Ass. and if you really get stuck about how to use that word fabric, just send it to me!

Myra said...

Elkhorn Resort is a lovely place to experience. We stayed there with friends and our brood for a bit of a winter fun getaway years ago. A few quilting friends rent there for a 4-5 day quilt retreat once in a while too...

Going all the way out that way one must stop at Kickass!! Good for you! I was there 2 weeks ago and don't recall seeing the Beatles fabric. That is what must have been in some box orders they had sitting there!! That place is jam-packed with goodies!!