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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Long Weekend

 I had a very interesting May Long. My friends Harold and Lori and I decided to go to a gallery opening at Moosehorn, Manitoba. On the way we passed through Chatfield and discovered an interesting museum. The owners actually live in the museum or maybe I should say that their home has become the museum. They have moved in seven buildings to house their collection. One of the buildings was the Hanky House, containing over 4000 handkerchiefs from all over the world.

These pictures show only a few of them.

This is a collection of old pots. Other buildings had license plates from all over the world, gardening tools, hub name it.

We barely had a look at anything because the people were leaving for a family party but we have decided that we are definitely going back some time. They also have one house that serves as a bed and breakfast.

The gallery belongs to Jeff Monias, front row left. Standing at the back are carver, Irvin Head, airbrush artist, Jasyn Lucas and Lori. Harold is the other person in the front row.

This is the gallery from Hwy 6 North. The Teepee certainly catches the eye!

We stopped again at the Narcisse snake pits. There were still a few snakes around although most of them have gone for the summer.

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