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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

On Sunday I arrived home after three months of basking in the sunshine (and rain) in Australia, to be met with a blizzard.  We had record snowfall and I literally had to wear snowshoes to get to the studio. The snow  was nearly waist deep in places and never less than knee deep. Luckily, the temperature is moderate and it's not windy.  Obviously, I'm not going anywhere until the roads get cleared.

I did spend some time in the studio today but I forgot to bring the camera and there was no way I was going to trudge back through all that snow to get it so there will be no quilting pictures until next time.


Judith said...

Hi Joyce, Bet that snow brought you back down to earth. We have a lot of snow here too but not that deep. Think they are talking about some more next week. Did you have a great time in Australia?

Brenda said...

great timing, or terrible timing. can you get out of your driveway by now? I know you folks out there got blasted. welcome home?!

Ali Honey said...

Missed you! Wow that was a shock to the system.