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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So This is Spring?

We just had the second blizzard in the two weeks since I've been home from Australia. Talk about bad timing.

The studio looks so far away with all that deep deep snow in the way.

This is the big drift at the studio door. No way I am shoveling that.  Mr. Sun will have to get to work but he has been rather lazy lately.

I had to strap these guys on to even get to the studio.

But get there I did and I've made a couple more rows of blocks. I think I'll make two or three more so that it's a rectangle and then put on a fairly wide border or two.


Mary-Frances said...

Neither sleet, nor hail, nor snowed in doorways will keep a quilter from her studio!! :-)

Ali Honey said...

That will take some time to thaw. I'm sending you keep warm hugs...happy stitching!

Cher said...

so glad to see you your scrappy certainly is a huge amount of the white stuff!