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Friday, March 02, 2007

More Chickens

We shoveled ourselves out and went to town but it was so windy and drifting that we just got a few essentials and came straight back home. Essentials didn't include the new rotary blade and mat. We would have had to drive an extra 10 miles to Winkler for that.

When we got home, after lugging our supplies down the lane again, I started a new chicken. This one may end up sitting on a nest. I will see how it looks when I get to the point of adding feet or not.

Once again, I started with a very rough drawing, divided into squares and triangles. The comb was a huge challenge and I am still not satisfied with it. I want it to be longer and more pointy. I might make another one and try to add it on. The one that is there is sewn on at an angle and could be removed quite easily.

The second picture shows a sample of what the wing fabric could be. I think the dark one might be all right but the lighter one is too light.


Libby said...

Man, you are having a lot of fun with your brood. I like the dark wing, too.

quiltpixie said...

while each block takes some time with the drawing etc., they sure are looking good... will you quilt a fox stealing the eggs? ;-)

KC Quilter said...

It is so fun to see how you are developing this chicken quilt!

meggie said...

I love watching your creative process.
They are fun chickens indeed!