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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Keep Breathing

I am almost finished the words. I'm thinking the last one will be gentle, as in "Be gentle with yourself".
Of course, I could make lots more words and not hang them all at once. This could be an on going project.  I have pretty well decided that I will use buttons and make a loop on the top of each word with some round black elastic that I have. I'll use fusible fleece instead of batting in the words so they will be stiff enough to hang properly with only one loop.
I am really liking this project now and I may have to make at least one more, maybe in brighter colors.


carm said...

Wow! i really like how you changed the bottom colours - very soothing and relaxing and inspiring! you've done an amazing job mum, and i reckon you could have yourself a little cottage industry here! i bet lots of people will want meditation hangings - brilliant idea!

Magpie Sue said...

It's interesting that so very often we go through a stage where we don't like our project but if we push through to the end it turns out better than we expected. Thank goodness!