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Friday, April 19, 2013

New Quilt

I was working on the brown and gold quilt yesterday when I realized that it was put together wrong.  Rather than deciding to either finish it or fix it, I started a new random one, which is what I prefer anyway.
This is another I Spy done with crazy blocks.  I love this style.  There can be no mistakes. And the blocks all turn out the exact size because I make them bigger and cut them to size.  Plus I use up lots of scraps.

I took some close up photos to show the details.

The flash kind of faded this one but you get the idea.

1 comment:

Mary-Frances said...

Joyce, these blocks are great fun! I have been slowly collecting different fabric for an I Spy quilt and I really like this method. Your "Hey Jude" quilt is pretty awesome too!