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Sunday, October 23, 2005

My next attempt is also a quilt from The Joy of Quilting. It is called Breakfast in Bed. The one in the book has a green border and multi-colored nine patch squares. I opted for dark brown fabric that I think is called Fossil Fern and autumn colours for the squares. I am very happy with the colours again with fabric from The Quilter's Jewel. This time, because of the diagonal lines, I decided to machine quilt it in one piece. It was quite a challenge getting the entire queen sized quilt through my machine on the middle rows but got easier as I progressed toward the outside. There is a fairly complex pattern on the border taken from a template. The back is a cream and brown print of oak leaves and acorns that goes really well with the autumn theme on the front. As you can see, Robin enjoys their new quilt.

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Ariana said...

nice jump robin! lovely quilt