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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Now the third quilt. I used a pattern from The Joy of Quilting by Hanson and Hickey. It is called Butterflies at the Crossroads. Theirs was pink but I decided to go with blue. Once again I purchased my fabrics from Quilter' Jewel in Morden (along with a lot of free advice). The pattern was a lot of fun to do and then I decided to try stipple stitch around the butterflies. That was going fairly well on my Husqvarna and in the middle of it I upgraded to a Pfaff. I couldn't get the hang of doing the stipple on it. I found out later that there is a half way position on the presser foot lever which makes it sooooo simple. As a result, my stippling is not what I'd like it to be. I also outlined the butterflies with stitching. I used a template to stitch a design on the border. The back is a dark blue flowered fabric. This one is also machine quilted in sections and joined together with covering strips.
I think it goes well with Sandy and Christine's old fashioned bed.

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