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Friday, October 06, 2006

Red and White Blocks

Here are three red and white blocks that I am sending to Clare in France for her quilt for Leukemia. Nothing very fancy but hopefully she will be able to incorporate them somehow.
Hopefully, they will be on their way today because I have to go to town to shop for Thanksgiving dinner. We had turkey a couple of weeks ago so on Sunday we will have a ham and I am working on a Jamaican theme to go with it. Maybe I will remember to take a picture this time.


Hedgehog said...

Your blocks look great! Your red is so red, I'm afraid my red will look dull with the others. I might have to make some more!!

Screen Door said...

Great blocks.. they'll love them. Awesome bag in your previous post...I need one, badly.LOL
Have a great weekend.


Tonya R said...

love those blocks - so graphic

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Great job on making 3 blocks.



Clare said...

Very graphic! Just what is needed. Very many thanks.