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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thrifty Books

I picked up these books at the thrift store today. I cut the title off the one on the lower left. It's called The Map of Your Mind. It's supposed to be about creativity. We'll see. The Yoga one on the right is an excellent one that many of my Yoga instructors use and recommend. The other Yoga one also looks good. I don't really need any more Yoga books to add to the ones I have and the many tapes I use but if they inspire me to keep at it for $2 each I can't go wrong. There were a lot of other books about back care, Yoga and Pilates but I decided to leave a few for others.
I also went to Canadian Tire and bought a cabinet for small parts for use in the shop. I thought it would be a good place to sort and store beads. We'll see if that gets done...


Meggie said...

I never did get to Yoga. Meditation was about as active as I got! lol.
Love your quilting on Kitty Corner.

Myra said...

Good buys!
Yoga... something I'd like to try sometime. Do you have (know of) any good beginner yoga videos that you would recommend?