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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Walking and Eating

These are in the wrong order. We went for a walk this afternoon on the Trans Canada Trail and I took a little video of the creek that runs along beside it for a ways.
Then when we got back we made Chicken Pot Pie, tabbouleh and cucumber salad for supper. There are four more pies cooling, which will then head for the freezer.
When I look at the preview I don't see the video. We'll see if it ends up on my blog page.


CharlotteP said...

My mouth is watering...might you leave the recipe for your chicken pie on your blog...please!

Meggie said...

Very nice post of the video. I love steams, and the sound of water... almost as much as I love Pot Pies!! lol.

Dolores said...

Hi Joyce. The video doesn't show up on Mozilla Firefox but I can see it on Internet Explorer.
The Chicken Pot Pie is making me hungry.