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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Good Day for Bling

These are the treasures I found at the thrift shop today. The silver and green bracelet has silver stars which is just what I wanted for the latest wall hanging. The top necklace also has stars but turquoise, also useful. The browns will come into play next time I do one in earth tones.

This is the latest look on the Mystic piece. I made the two tassels at the ends. I love the color but since I used embroidery thread they aren't as slick looking as the ones I buy. I may have to break down and buy some special thread or string to make more tassels. They are pretty easy and that way I can get the colour I want.
This piece is about 20x10 inches, quite a bit smaller than I usually make.
My only question is, does it look sort of unfinished on the sides or does it look all right just sort of fading away like that? The top will end up being finished with loops of fabric or silver hanging rings.


F*ck off, I'm with the Band said...

i think it needs something dark on both sides cos it does look a little unfinished to me... just a little something to sorta frame it and make the dark bits in the middle balance out. even some of the purple? dunno but do some experiments and post em!!

Debra Spincic said...

If you turn the blue strips so that white sunburst looking section was facing towards the center, then maybe it would look more definitive on the outside edge.