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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

As Ye Sew

This is how I spent my morning.  When I start a traditional quilt I just have to take some time off to do letters or something pattern-free. I will probably insert a narrow border between the green and the spool fabric.  I also want to include an actual seam ripper, either horizontally below "shall" or vertically at the end of "sew".

My next one is going to say "Keep calm and make stuff". I'm not sure which combination of fabrics I'll use. I love both of them.  Maybe I'll end up making two of them.


JaneB said...

Joyce that word quilt is precious! And I love "Keep calm and make stuff." words to live by.

pwl said...

Oh dear. This one made me LOL! :-)

Caroline Heinrichs said...

How do you do these letters in your quilts. Is there a book out there that you'd recommend?