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Friday, January 27, 2006

There was no more of the flower fabric so this is my solution. I had enough to do the white side the way I wanted to but not both sides. I still have to work on the blue squares a bit. The one heart is slanted the wrong way and they don't match as well as I want then to. Now I have to quilt the border and add the

I may redo the embroidery on the heart. I wanted to do free motion for the name but couldn't get it working. Maybe some iron on interfacing on the back. I may give it another try tomorrow. If I had some nicer fabric paint I would use that. I had some from a long time ago but there wasn't enough of the pink and the other colors were all dried out.

Here is the back with all the borders on. It definitely has become the right side. Hopefully I will be able to finish tomorrow, at least as far as the hand sewing on the binding.

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Ariana said...

i love the quilts gramma, this one and then 3 more to go till mine !!! lol