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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Today I got all the borders on except the flowered top and bottom. I had to stop because I am about 5 inches short of fabric on two of the corners. What a drag. I hope there is more fabric like that left. If not I will put a blue or white square in each corner and maybe put hearts or something like that on them. One of them could be the label or have her name on it. I think I will be able to get more fabric though. There was quite a bit of it left and it isn't that long since I bought it. I would have had enough if I hadn't made a couple of sample pieces.
Once I get the borders on , I have to quilt them and bind them. I am hoping there is more flowered fabric because I would like to bind it with that fabric too. I don't think white would be a great color for binding and the blue wouldn't look good on the white side. I'll go to town tomorrow and have a look.


Sandy Debreuil said...

Wow!! What an amazing quilt....I think Sacha is going to love it - and if she doesn't, I could find a bed to put it on......You should get a big hug for that one!!!

True's blog said...

lol, i can't believe that little patch is missing, it must be so annoying... anyway i hope there is more matching fabric, it's looking awesome!