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Thursday, January 12, 2006

This one took me all day. There was a LOT of starting and stopping on the background but I am quite pleased with the result. I need to practise the stippling more but what better place to practise than on a quilt! I love the effect of stippling and now that I know about the halfway setting on my presser foot it goes really well. Speed and control are what I am working on now.

I got fabric for the sashing and I quite like it, although the pink check is very nice too. Unfortunately, I don't have enough of the check. I want to make a wide matching border so I will need quite a lot of it.

I thought I would prefer the white side, but now I think the blue side is better. The quilting pattern shows up better.

1 comment:

sacha said...

ba da dat da daa, im lovin' it :D