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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Today I put some of the flower sashing on. It looks pretty good but now I have to decide whether to make it two squares by four, which is a bit long and narrow but might be better for a bed, or square. I plan to put a two inch blue border and then a wider flowered one. The long one just looks a bit too narrow. I guess I could put wider borders on the sides to even it out a bit. If I make it square I have to make one more block but that's no problem because there is one pattern in the book that I haven't used yet. It's a nice one too.
Yesterday I spent some time in the Winnipeg Centennial Library looking at quilting books. One of them had some good advice about free motion quilting that I want to try. She recommended stippling away from you and I have always worked toward myself. It makes sense that you could see where you are going better by working away. I want to try it. The last block I made is not very good anyway so I will probably re-do that one.

Here it is pinned up as a square minus one block. It's hard to decide wthout the borders on. It has been a great quilt to practise machine quilting and I have learned a lot so far.


Ariana said...

WOW!!! thats NEATO!!! thats really cool how great some of the patterns turned out

yuriko said...

We have a great library near us(there's a nice walking pass from here). You probabry would spend some time there while you're visiting here...I love Sacha's quilt too! It's very cute .