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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Here is Sky's quilt all ready to pin. I have to finish quilting Free's to free up the pins first. This morning early, I went out and pinned Free's only to realize after I was done, that I had forgotten to tape the backing to the floor. The backing was all puffy and I could see that it would be a mess if I quilted it like that. So...
take all the pins out and do it again. My hands are a mess and my back is sore but it will make a much better job.

Here they are, Free's partly quilted and Sky's waiting in line. I still have to do some diagonals on Free's but I am not sure if I will go aronud all the little squares. I will see how much time I have. I'd really like to have them both ready to take to San Diego next Tuesday. Free's will have orange binding and Sky's probably blue, but I haven't tried to see how it looks. It will be either blue or gold.

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