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Monday, November 21, 2005

After traveling in USA for three days looking at pottery and quilting shops, I am back at it. I bought a couple of quilting books that are very inspiring.
I didn't have very good luck this morning with my quilting though. First thing I did was make about 20 triangles with one piece of fabric inside out so I had to take them all apart, trying not to stretch the bias edge and then re-sew them together. Then I made about 20 more triangles with one of the pieces the wrong color. That was a total waste because there are no triangles in the block with that combination of colors. Now I will have to plan some sort of quilt that needs black and yellow triangles. Finally I had all the pieces cut and trimmed and in place on my design board. I sewed about 6 pieces together and then put it on the board to have a look and about half way through I had reversed two of the pieces. Of course, it was not something that you could repair without undoing all the seams that were already sewn. At that point, I decided to take a break

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