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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It has been a productive day. I finished quilting the blue border. I'm not sure if it shows up very well in the photo, but it is a wavy pattern. Very tiring on the arms, manipulating all that fabric around and around. Twice , after winding bobbins in yellow, I forgot that I was using blue on the top and did a foot or so with yellow on top and had to rip it out. There are a few little tucks here and there which tells me that I should have used more pins or maybe thread basted. I want to try basting spray glue some time. I have heard that it works really well but the fumes when you apply it are pretty bad.
Now I have laid it out on the floor and set the two other bindings around it, checking if there is enough fabric left. The yellow was nip and tuck but there is just enough. There is plenty of red so that is a bit wider. Now I have to attach the other two borders and maybe quilt them a bit too. I'm not sure how much quilting they will need but I may do something really simple. Of course, when you are working with such a large piece, nothing is simple.

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