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Friday, November 04, 2005

The center is all quilted at last! I did free motion on the small stars. It was moderately successful but I do need more practise, that much is clear. Today I measured and marked the wide blue border. Marking is never much fun even with a template but it is a nice one if I can get it quilted properly. I wanted to put a narrow yellow border and a slightly wider red one but I am short of yellow fabric so I may go with a red border and yellow binding. I will sew all the border pieces together and treat them as one unit when I sew them on to the quilt. I may have to do some sort of quilting on the red strip as well but not sure yet what to do. Maybe one or two vertical lines is all it needs. I will be able to tell more when it is assembled. It is a lot easier to mark the pattern on before it is attached to the quilt and batting though so maybe I should make up my mind now.

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