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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I had a bit of a crisis this morning when I pinned the finished quilt up and noticed that one of the pink side borders was only 2 1/2 inches wide instead of 3 1/2 inches like the others. It would have been no problem if it had been the end ones which I put on last. As it was the ends were going to be one inch short once the side was corrected. I had to decide whether it was worth it to put on new end pieces or add an inch. I finally opted to add the inch because I'm pretty sure the seam will disappear into the quilting and binding.

Now it is all marked and ready to be basted. I have to wait on that until tomorrow when I go to town and get some batting and pink thread. The back will be the same light pink as the triangles. I will quilt with that shade of pink thread. I will quilt around the flowers, in the ditch along the sashing and nested triangles inside the pink triangles.

I will bind it with the dark blue. The only thing I am not totally satisfied with is the little square on the lower right end. It seems a bit dull compared with the others.

1 comment:

dirtylittleslurry said...

this is a really gorgeous quilt! wow! summer's gonna love this one! looks like you were inspired by the nice san diego weather! haha