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Monday, March 13, 2006

I made a few more tulip blocks and have decided to discard the two I made yesterday. The first one is in the wrong order and the plain one is too bland. I am happiest with the purple one but that is done with fabrics I hand dyed last fall using a gradated dyeing technique, so they all match perfectly. The blue is the least successful because the top of the flower is too light and doesn't show up enough. I will probably run out of the green that I am using for the leaves unless there is a piece hiding among my scraps. Time for a deep search or else a few will be made with different leaves. The next decision is what to use for sashing and the triangles in the edges and the border.


yuriko said...

tulips look very cute!

Summer Debreuil said...

i love it! i like how each tulip starts light and gets darker. i like the colors to. i guess i'll have to come to canada to pick it cant wait till it's finnished!

joyce said...

You are welcome here any time. Today I am dyeing some fabric pink to go between the tulips and on the back. I hope it looks good.