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Thursday, June 22, 2006

I started going around the letters with yellow zigzag so they would match the hats but now I don't like the look of it at all. It makes them look appliqued and I love that they are pieced. I am worried that if I try to undo the zig zag it will leave a lot of holes and a rough look around the letters. Also it is not a very good job of zigzag. So I am taking a bit of a break from the red hats and working on the silk teapots. I also hauled out a ufo that had to be pinned and quilted. I have it pinned now and will start quilting it soon.
The next question will be how to quilt the teapots. I have never quilted on silk before but a friend did and it's not easy. That means the design will have to be fairly simple but what?
We have a busy weekend coming up. A gathering of artists to share ideas at workshops not really run by instructors but just a fun time of collaborating. I will be working with Batik and fabric dyeing. Hopefully I can pick someone else's brain more than they pick mine. Anyway, there will not likely be another post until Monday unless I have some photos that I just have to share. We will be coming home at night so there may be some time for Blogger!


anne bebbington said...

Just gently run your seam ripper along under the top part of the satin stitch right in the centre and they just fall apart to each side then you can gently tease it out from the back - it works for me - why not do some practice stitching on a spare piece to rip out again - hopefully you won't be left with any holes

joyce said...

Great idea. Thanks for the tip!

Tonya R said...

I love the way the yellow highlights the letters, but agree about wanting it to look pieced after all that hard work you did. Maybe you can quilt in yellow around each letter?

Lily said...

Joyce it definitely does make the letter look appliqued. Definitely better without. I hope you can pull that stitching out without too much trouble. Like Tonya's idea.