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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another One Done!

Here I am holding the silk and brocade teapots at the gallery where Marcel's paintings are hung along with six other artists. The round one right behind my head is one of his.
I am done with fusing, at least if silk and brocade are involved. The fusing didn't stick to the silk for some reason so I had to zigzag around all the teapots. I sewed some black cording between the squares. It was a good excuse to buy a cording foot for my Pfaff. I decided against doing any quilting on the background. The silk is so fine that I was worried about snags and, let's face it, I couldn't imaginge that I would be able to do it without making some kind of mistake. Silk is very unforgiving about ripping out. The needle holes show forever. I am going straight back to good quality quilting cotton!


quiltpixie said...

The cording works really well. Not quilting sounds like a wide choice.

Finn said...

Your tea pots look very nice despite the difficulty with the fuse. Sure can't tell by the finished product!!

And great job on the speedy triangle from squares..isn't it fun once you get the hang of it???

Tonya R said...

You did great! I've never actually worked with silk (tho I have been stocking up) - didn't know it was so unforgiving. Aiyee.

Ali Honey said...

The black cording really lifts it and sets the teapots off well. Also well done with the triangles, she'll be pleased somebody tried them out straight away, it proves her instructions were accurate. ( well done both of you ) Cheers, Alison.