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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Artists' Day Party

We had a busy party weekend.

We hung a show of 49 paintings in our studio on Friday afternoon (in hot, hot, muggy weather) and had about 50 people for a pot luck supper and party at our stone circle after. I have made, over the past few years, cloaks in every color of the rainbow. We got willing models to wear the cloaks and parade around the stones. We mow the grass into a circle and light a fire to get lots of smoke for a mysterious look. It's a great photo op.

This one is a bit blurry because it was taken off a digital video shot. It is of some of the people wearing my cloaks and paranding around the fire at the stone circle.

Here is Micha wearing her favorite yellow satin cloak sitting on top of a big stone looking cute. Not a hard task for her!

Saturday morning we crated up all the paintings and moved the show to the Pembina Hills Gallery in Morden and had on official opening on Saturday evening.
Needless to say, we are rather beat today but feeling that it was quite successful.
I spent an hour this morning getting my sewing studio back into place the way I like it so that as soon as I recover my energy I will be able to get back at it.


quiltpixie said...

looks like you had fun anyways...

ForestJane said...

Pretty cool stones! And cloaks!

What are the stones from, are they glacial?

joyce said...

We moved the stones in there as an art project. I should say my husband did because I would never go to such an effort. I'd rather be quilting!

Tonya R said...

How incredibly fun. Love the pictures of the caboose too. Can't imagine how cool it would be to have a bedroom out there as a teenager.