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Saturday, July 15, 2006

It Worked Like a Charm

It was too hot to do much so I thought I'd try Judy's (at
method of doing this triangular patch without triangles and it worked amazingly well. (I tried to add a link but it didn't work).So easy. And to top it off, I have a ruler that does the job. It is an Omnigrid and it has a yellow line instead of the black tip but does the same job. The fun part is all the different arrangements that can be done with this block. My points aren't perfect but it was my first try and I am a Maverick after all. I am impressed. I also understand the rational behind it so I think I will be able to change sizes if I need to. Thanks a million, Judy!


quiltpixie said...

its does look good. I've keep a bookmark to the tutorial, but haven't really read it well yet nor tried it :-) Looking forward to doing so though...

Lily said...

Well done Joyce! I don't think I'll ever get over the different patterns that can be made simply by rotating the blocks. Incredible really.

Looks good. I think your points are very pointy indeedy!

ForestJane said...

you're making me want to try it too, and NO, I do not want to start something without finishing some of what I've already got... :)

Judy said...

Excellent job Joyce!!! If you get stuck with the sizes I can give you a hand, but write it down and you'll figure it out! I think your points are great and as you do them you'll realize just where to aim the seam so that it hits that point perfectly!!

Super that your ruler works too. Anyone will work as long as it makes that 3/8" mark from the corner!!

The article I have had 5 ways to lay these scores of them when you change that tiny square to something else!!

GREAT job!!