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Monday, February 12, 2007


This isn't a very good picutre but here is my city all ready to hand stitch down the binding. I couched black yarn around the colored border and stitched in the ditch around the buildings and windows.
Meanwhile, I am nearly done quilting the jungle. I stopped for a break when I noticed that the last round had not sewn properly. The problem was that the pressure on the foot had vibrated to a very low number. Easy to fix once I realized what the problem was. That used to happen quite often on my Husqvarna so it is one of the things I check after the bobin, threading and changing the needle.
With these two quilts nearing completion, I have to start thinking of what to do next. I have really enjoyed doing this last one so it may be the same type of create as you go wall hanging. I am also wanting to experiment with fusing. And I need something spring-like to counteract all this snow and -30 weather we have been experiencing. I'm sure something will call out to me soon.


meggie said...

Joyce, that Hot City Nights is just wonderful! I love the black touch on the pink border.
Looking forward to enjoying another ceative journey with you.

Fiona said...

This is a really striking looking wallhanging, I've enjoyed witnessing the creative process as you've built up this one and the jungle.

Diana said...

What a wonderful finish! The colors and design really came together.

quiltpixie said...

Its turning out wonderfully! "spring" such a foreign idea right now I can't imagine working on tulips or flowers, but your design as you go method, with some fusing might work really well with a garden scene... :-)

Clare said...

City is great and looking forward to seeing Jungle.

How about something Spring like with pale greens and yellows? The Daff's are out here and today looks as if it could be the first warm days for weeks!

Lily said...

Love it Joyce! You have done a great job.

And brrrrr to such cold weather. Need another quilt to rug up??

teodo said...

This Hot City is wonderful! And now I'm waiting for your next new quilt. ciao ciao