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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Annie's Sewing Center

Now that I have mostly Pfaff machines, the local Pfaff dealer has retired. The good news is that some neighbours of ours, Anne and Wolfgang Schaefer, have started a Husqvarna Viking dealership and will be servicing their machines on site. Too bad I just bought my Pfaff Grand Quilter and frame. They will be able to clean Pfaff machines but probably not service them. The good news is that the Grand Quilter and the Husqvarna machine are pretty well identical so I can get bobbins, needles and anything else I need for my machine quilting there. They also sell the Next Generation frame that those machines fit on. They are going to stock King Tut thread, which I hear is the best for machine quilting and are ordering pre-wound bobbins for me to try.
If you are in the Winkler area, drop in and see their wonderful selection of machines. They are at 915 Navigator Road, Unit 2C, which is parallel to Hwy 14 on the north side.
I am getting ready for our company so no photos today.


Nines said...

hmm... well, look on the bright side. Maybe your sweet Pfaff will never need servicing! It could happen! With a long arm, they come to you to fix your machine. That's a nice perk. kinda pricey, but so is the gas that it costs to drive to them, so I figure it is worth it. I love you outside the block blocks!! way cool.

Exuberant Color said...

The same company owns Pfaff, Viking and Singer now. I wonder if there will be any cross training in the servicing dept. Actually some of the new Pfaffs have some Viking features so I'm wondering if the new Viking that is coming out this summer won't be very similar to the new Pfaff that came out last year.

Besides that, a good mechanic will learn to repair all brands. Getting parts is the only problem.