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Monday, May 19, 2008


Things have been pretty hectic around here with no time for sewing. There has been time for a bit of partying though. Yesterday we had a bit of a family get-together which involved a lot of food (potluck, always my favorite) and a baseball game.

Reve had a good idea about how to bat, but he wanted to follow the rules of cricket and keep on batting. He was quite annoyed when Ariana picked him up and ran with him to first base!

Sky and Free are having their 16th birthday this week too. Reve really wants a cake smash but the twins think that 16 may be a bit too old for that kind of thing. We'll see.


Darcie said...

Those quilts will definitely wait, Joyce! Looks like good times at your home! Enjoy.

I think I'm with Sky and Free...but maybe Reve could have his own cake tribute to their being "too old?!"

Clare said...

I too think the sewing can wait. Yup, give Reve his own cake LOL!

Libby said...

Who would want to take time to sew when there's ballgames, birthday parties and potluck on the agenda *s* Enjoy!

Chocolate Cat said...

Looks like you're having a great time with your family. Enjoy!

meggie said...

Never heard of a 'cake smash'??
Sounds a bit messy.