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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Outside the Block

As promised, here are the first blocks from my new book. They are very easy to do but the fun part is picking the colors. The two on the far left are the first ones I did. The bottom one has not enough contrast between the centre and first border. The white dot fabric on the top one just doesn't work for some reason. In real life, I like the orange one best, probably because the orange fabric is hand dyed and is somewhat mottled. Eventually, there will be plain setting blocks all the same color but with some lines going through them. They will probably be off white or some sort of yellow. I may have to do some dyeing to get the color I need. The blocks are all 6.5 inches square. They look wonky because they are not all sticking to the design wall properly.
I would highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to do some free piecing. This is only one of several blocks she uses. I had a hard time deciding which one to do first.


Christina said...

My grandma loves this book too! Your blocks look GREAT!

dot said...

Very nice. Looks like you are haveing fun.

Ali Honey said...

That has possiblilties! Getting lots of contrast certainly is going to be a key to their success.

Do have fun experimenting.

Even if a new book just sews the seed for one new idea it is worth having.

Clare said...

What was it you said? A quilter can never have too many books to inspire her LOL.

This last week was definitelly bargain book week!

Have fun.

Cascade Lily said...

At least you get up and make something from your books Joyce! I finally am making a couple of things from a book I bought a good six months ago!! This will be a fun, bright quilt! And that curves and strips book looks fabulous too...