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Friday, July 25, 2008


Since my bag collection has dwindled down to practically zero, I spent the day making bags. I had the bright idea of using orphan blocks from my "spare parts" drawer. The purple pinwheel one was the first. It is actually not blue as it looks on my computer. It has a layer of batting and is quilted. It is lined with a red shiny fabric with black dots that I found at the thrift store. You can see a bit of it in the middle of the handles.
The middle one has bead handles that I bought on sale for $1 last year. I will change the pin that is on the flap to hide the sewing where I attached velcro. The next time I am at the thrift shop I'll look for something with flowers that is a bit lighter looking.
The top one is a basket I made from Collaborative Quilting. It didn't make it into a quilt so why not a basket bag?
I am thinking the two pink ones are pretty spring-like for this time of year but they will keep.


BrendaS said...

oooh, all fun and pretty. Great bags.s

Ali Honey said...

I love it when you are making bags! I might steal your idea and use up some stray blocks to make some too. Haven't made a bag in months LOL!

( you got your inspiration from your scrap bag/ orphan blocks so it can be lurking anywhere, maybe we don't always see it.

Clare said...

I love the first one - very Freddie!

Lynda said...

They are all so lovely! I particularly like the bag bag! And you're right, the brooch on the pink bag is a bit clunky. Good hunting at the charity shop.

Myra said...

You mentioned your bag collection has dwindled down. Where do the dwindle to? Gifts?