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Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Iron

I got my new iron this morning. Sorry, for some reason the image is sideways but I'm sure you get the picture anyway. It's a Tfal with auto shut off. I've never had one of those and I know some people love them and others hate them. We'll see which I am. I got it mainly because of the many steam holes, esp near the point. It doesn't fit on the stand on the end of my Rowenta ironing board but that might make it too horizontal anyway and it would shut off every 3 seconds. So far it steams really well and is a bit lighter and smaller than my old one which makes it a bit easier to handle. It was not that cheap but it was between that one and a $12 one from the supermarket. It was the many steam holes that made the decision.

I received two gifts in the mail this week. This was from a draw Zegi at Quilt Bug had. It is a Moda charm pack and very cute.

This one came today and is from Brenda at Scraps and Strings.
I will enjoy putting these beautiful fabrics to some use too. Thanks gals.


Isabelle said...

Love the quilt but $100 for an iron?? I bought my mum one today and it was £29.50. I thought everything was less expensive in the US. Maybe it's a special quilter's iron?

Chocolate Cat said...

Your new iron is very pretty and looks like it will do the job well! Enjoy!

jovaliquilts said...

I have trouble with big holes on the bottom of an iron, as they seem to grab the corners of my blocks. I guess you don't have that problem -- any tips for those of us who do?

Libby said...

You'll grow accustomed to the auto off . . . I try to keep my iron within arm's reach - then I just lean in and give it a tip from time to time to keep it hot *s*