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Monday, July 21, 2008

Cranberry Art Festival

Here are the thirteen smaller tepees set up around the big one which has now been repaired. The last time they had it up, a huge wind strong enough to uproot trees, tore the canvas to shreds. Apparently they were able to save over half of it and the people who made it were able to repair it.
Each artist had a tepee and a canopy if they needed it. The first day we had the quilts under the canopy and the pots on a table with some paintings inside the tepee and some outside on easels. The second day was so windy that the easels kept blowing over so we moved the pottery and paintings inside and we used the table for some quilts and a few paintings laying flat on the table.

This was taken the first day when the paintings were still outside.
Here is the canopy with the quilts hanging from lines by clothespins. The second day I took the burgundy quilt off the ground and put it on the table. I also hung the bags from the front of the canopy.
I sold nearly all of my bags and could have sold more if I had known and brought more. Who knew?
We stayed at Northern Spirit Lodge which was beautiful and facing right on the lake.
The art festival is the brainchild of Irvin and Lisa Head who own a gallery in Cranberry Portage which features Irvin's wonderful sculptures. You can check it out at Northern Buffalo Sculptures
Here you can see some pictures of the tepee being made and erected.
And here are a couple of aerial views of the whole setup.
It was a great time and we really hope that we will be able to go back again next year.


Myra said...

Wow! That all sounds and look soooo awesome Joyce! Something for me to keep in mind for next year... Is it on or near reserve?

Ali Honey said...

Thanks for showing us that Joyce. Wow, what a fabulous exciting way to display quilting and pottery and painting. The aerial view is delightful.

It's great you sold the bags - better get making lots for next year!

Lise said...

Awesome Joyce, I'm sure yous had a wonderful time...and the pics are great...thanks for sharing...Lise

Darcie said...

Good for you! So now you've got just a little under 365 days to create more works to sell! ;-)

Breathtaking views...both by nature and artists!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

wow, beautiful arts festival set up. your work looks wonderful hung up together like that.

Clare said...

Beautiful setting for beautiful quilts.

I'm interested. Do you get asked if your quilts are for sale?

jovaliquilts said...

What a fabulous event! It must have been a real thrill. Glad you sold so many bags -- who wouldn't want one?

Rose Marie said...

That would have been a neat experience to both buy and sell at that festival. Your quilts looked wonderful hanging up.

kaicevy said...

And here are a couple of aerial views of the whole setup

Rhondee said...

Wow! What a great idea. It looks so fresh and airy. Glad you had a great time.

meggie said...

Your quilts look wonderful on display. You will have to make more bags for sale next time.
Thanks for the pics, & the links.

comicbooklady said...

Love seeing your quilts on display like that! and thanks for the links, especially building the tipi! cool! Looks like a beautiful was the attendance at the show? Do you attend this show every year?