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Sunday, February 28, 2010

How Many Borders?

The middle part as far as the stars is about 32 inches. I tried it with another border and then some strip blocks. I wouldn't use this dot fabric for the second border. It reads as gray from a distance. It would need something darker I think.

Here it is with a narrow border to finish it as a wall hanging.
I'll have to think of it awhile before I decide. Right now I'm leaning toward the smaller wall hanging.


jovaliquilts said...

The smaller one looks finished to me. If you do stop there, you have those extra borders as a headstart on another one!

Judith said...

The smaller one looks best to me, the other blocks somehow seem to distract from the rest. But you go with what you like best. Everyone sees things with different eyes.

Kay said...

I would certainly stop. The crazy blocks looked good with the panel, but not now for some reason. And as Jovali says, you'll have them for something else. This is a very striking piece, by the way. Good job.

quiltmom said...

I like the smaller one- it feels finished to me- Does it feel finished to you? That is often how I decide when to stop the borders- its more a feeling than anything else.
I love the star border- very fun quilt Joyce.

Narelle said...

The smaller one appeals more to me with the dark outer border.
Really like the stars.

Libby Fife said...

I like that second scenario. Just the perfect balance of fun restraint:)

Vicki W said...

I like the smaller one too. If you want it larger I think I'd try something other than the crazy pieced blocks. While I really like those a lot they seem to overwhelm the center.

Kathie said...

I like the smaller one then those string/crazy pieces really adds to the quilt , makes it more "liberated" in mho
keep going!
I have enjoyed watching your progress on this one!