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Friday, October 15, 2010

Baking Frenzy

Today I made six of the creme caramels (two are gone already) two loaves of banana bread and about two dozen coconut kisses (quite a few of them seem to have disappeared too). I feel that if I am going to heat up the oven I might as well make it worthwhile. When I make creme caramels I usually make the kisses with the leftover egg whites. The banana bread is a huge recipe and I had a lot of overripe bananas. My freezer will be full of banana bread but the rest will soon get eaten.


Mary-Frances said...

Joyce, you've motivated me to get baking...the snow is falling here and I've been looking through my recipe books. Everything you've made looks delish!

FeatherDuster said...

Those all look so good :-)
I'm with you...if you're going to have that mess, get several things accomplished at once. I've been saving various berries and fruits in the freezer, all cooked and mashed, and am getting ready to have a marathon jam-making day soon.

Judy said...

MMMM: my husband will be right over! He loves all that you made, and I'm not in the baking mode right now!


Lily Mulholland said...

Oh Yummo Joyce!

Meggie said...

Hmm, Baking!
I made some Meat Pies using a recipe from one of our local cooks, who happened to win Masterchef. Since I dont eat red meat, Gom scored nicely.
Did you know that you can freeze bananas. In their skins, they freeze well. Skins go black, but the bananas are very good for cooking, once thawed.