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Friday, October 29, 2010

I Almost Made It!

I am quilting this large quilt for a friend of a friend whose mother pieced it but passed away before she was able to finish it. I am just doing all-over loops on it with the odd heart sneaked in. I was this close to being done when I ran out of thread. I got some in town today so that will be the first order of business tomorrow. Then I have to cut and sew on the binding. Then there will be a couple of miles of hand stitching the binding down. It is a beautiful Christmassy quilt and it is beautifully pieced. I hope my quilting does it justice.


Judith said...

How lovely to finish off this quilt. Your friends, friend will be so happy to have her mothers quilt. I reckon your doing a great job.

Mary-Frances said...

I have no doubt your quilting will be just perfect Joyce - your friend will treasure this I'm sure.

Myra said...

Don't ya just hate when you have so little to do, and then the spool is empty!?!
What a good friend you are finishing this up fir her... 8-)

Mary Dylke said...

Don't you just hate when that happens?! The quilt looks wonderful - I'm sure your friend will love it!