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Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Next Round

I dug through my stash of hand dyes and found a large piece of purple which is on the right side. Does it draw attention away from the middle or unite the whole piece? Should the dark blue be on the inside next to the orange or on the outside where it is now? Or should I have another narrow orange strip between the dark blue and the purple hand dye?
Or should I go with the purple on the left? In real life it has a sparkle but I'm not sure it's exactly the right purple. If I do use it, is the second orange strip too much?
Can you tell that I love auditioning fabrics? Are there enough questions in this post?


Mary-Frances said...

I like the new fabric on the right, and I love that you are leaving in a strip of the orange. I'd put the blue next to the orange and leave the hand-dyed purple as the last border. Looks great Joyce.

Wendy said...

I agree that you should use the new hand dye for the outer border. Very yummy fabric!