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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Books

I got these two books that I ordered from Amazon in the mail today. I follow Lisa Lam's blog U Handblog and I have been wanting her book ever since it came out. Look for even more bags showing up around here soon. The dyer's Dictionary is a recipe book for dyers who are too lazy to do hundreds of experiments (and keep track of the results).

Here is a sample page from the Dyer's Dictionary. This is basically what all the pages look like. It should be helpful when I want a particular color. Each color has a recipe for a yard and a quarter yard.

The Bag Making Bible is chock full of suggestions and includes several patterns. I love the one in the picture .


upstateLisa said...

those books look great! enjoy!

Judy said...

What great books! I'm particularly interested in the handbag book, so look forward to seeing what you make. So get busy! LOL


Meggie said...

The bag book looks so good.

Myra said...

Looks like a couple of great books Joyce! 8-)

Laura said...

I also just bought the Fabric Dyer's Dictionary after getting it through my local library and finding it to be a great resource when it comes to picking out colors for dyeing.