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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Done Deal

I just finished sewing down the binding by hand. It ended up about 22x28 inches. I used the red binding according to the wishes of the recipient. I quite like the red and don't think it makes it look too busy (can a wall hanging be too busy???) which was my concern.


Terri said...

I enlarged the picture, and enjoyed it much more... I like it for a Vet's office, or someone who's had lots of different dogs. We had 3 very different dogs during our married life. I miss them, but not the messes.
You did a great job!

greelyrita said...

I went to an Ontario Fair Judging School last weekend. It was very good for the most part. There was a tendency to wander into the area of taste however which explains the results of some judging I have seen. Your quilt reminded me of one instance: The teacher said, "When I learned to quilt, I was taught to always border the quilt like a picture - with a dark frame." I tend to do that myself because it's practical. The edges get dirty more quickly, so make them dark. But imagine two perfectly lovely quilts with nothing to distinguish them except for a light and dark outside border. Must the dark one win? I don't think so.

*karendianne. said...

No, not to busy. Besides, your eye rests on the doggies, which we love.

Dog Love, *karendianne.

Vicki W said...

Total cuteness!

Tracie Pascoe said...

Hey Joyce, I love the pups! I don't think it looks too busy, of course my fave is the German Shepherd! Looks great! Trace