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Friday, November 10, 2006

Marking Quilts

Yesterday I marked the border of my nine patch for quilting. That is the part of quilting that I enjoy the least. I bought a special brush and chalk for marking which works great and doesn't rub off easily. The only problem is that the chalk is white. What to do on white fabric? I finally used blue chalk from a carpenter's chalk plumb line and a piece of rolled felt to tap it on with. I tried it on a scrap and it seemed to wash out all right. I just hope it stays on until I'm done quilting it. I don't want to go over it all with pencil. When the chalk is used up in the brush I may buy another one for white and put some of the blue chalk in this one.

I used a pattern from this book by Keryn Emerson. She has a blog called Quilting Twin. Her patterns are fantastic. I have used several of them. I traced the pattern onto Golden Threads paper and to punch the little holes for the chalk to go through, I used a marking wheel with the paper on a couple of layers of felt. It worked well on the straight lines, not so well on tight curves. I wish I could find a fun way of marking. I don't think one exists. Free motion on a long arm might do it. Lol.

Meanwhile I am debating what to do with my stack of new fabric. I am leaning toward a Lone Star. I have always wanted to do one but never had the right fabric on hand. I think it might look good with my darks and purples and maybe some of the orange. I could always buy more fabric if I don't have enough that look good together. Then the greens would have to wait their turn.

I have also started sewing the binding on the antique Double Wedding Ring that I hand quilted. Binding on curves is a whole new thing. I had been waiting around looking fro the right blue but finally I just dyed some and although it doesn't match perfectly, it goes with the old fashioned "use whatever you have on hand" method that our foremothers had to use. I'll post a picture when it's done. I am about a quarter of the way around so far.


Tazzie said...

What ingenuity you have, what a wonderful way of marking! I think marking the quilt comes a close second to basting on my least favourite parts of the process, but they're both necessary evils.
I'll love to see your progress on the quilting.

dot said...

What a clever idea with the chalk. I hate marking for quilting and can't say I have found anything tha works real well for me. I also have that book, great patterns. I look forward to seeing the quilted results.

meggie said...

Hi Joyce, Hope the marking works for you!
I dislike the basting- even with quilt basting spray, I find I still need to use a cotton baste.

Isnt Keryn's blog lovely.

quiltpixie said...

quilt marking is a something I've never learned to do well, so I often quilt in the ditch or some other echo type pattern...

Libby said...

You came up with a great way to solve your marking problem -- can't wait to see it all quilted up.

palmetto1 said...

to "hold" your chalk marking, try spraying over it with hairspray.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Being a quilt in the ditch or around the edges person I think you're doing very well with this hand quilting. Good luck with the lone star, I'd love to do one too.

Darcie said...

My thoughts exactly, Joyce! ***Free motion on a long arm might do it.***

People ask me all of the time "What do you mark with..." or "How long does it take you to mark the quilt..." Huh?! Some just don't get it!!! That's the whole thought behind FREEMOTION!

Have a great Monday...stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Be careful if you end up having to use pencil...the last one I used (I forget the brand, it was a mechanical quilter pencil) didn't wash out. Lucky for me the fabric is dark enough to mostly hide it, but still annoying.

Judy said...

My gosh I've somehow missed checking your blog and you have been busy!! Great idea with the blue chalk. I saw somewhere that someone used blue but didn't say where they got it. I have no idea what I am going to do with my white spaces.

I also have this book and love all the designs! Your new fabric looks heavenly...most everyones does! I simply love fabric like all quilters!

Good luck with starting the new quilting!

Patti said...

Be really careful with the blue chalk. Always test it on the fabric you will be marking. Many longarmers have used it and to their dismay found that it would not work out. Don't use it straight - put a very small amount of blue in with white chalk and use that.